It’s that time again..

It’s that time of the night again, you see as the night draws closer and the day comes to an end. My mind likes to go off on it’s own usually with music playing and well bring any an every thought it can muster forward. An with every thought that comes to pass my mood lowers an the happiness of the day fades. I don’t expect everyday to be perfect I don’t. But you know just once I’d love to end out a day on a high note.

Maybe there is a specific reason that I cannot accomplish this, but for the life of me I can’t fathom why this is. It seems like around every corner you can find those that are or have found more happiness than I could ever hope to find. But then again those people are usually with their partner in life as well, which I’ve yet to find for myself.

Will I ever? I don’t honestly know maybe one day but as of right now all I have going for me is the focus I have on work. It’s not much but at least when I’m working my mind is too preoccupied to think about anything else. You see I’m in retail and as of right now we’re going through our inventory so doesn’t leave much time to focus on much else. As any of you that’s been in retail before knows that the store you’re working in pretty much has to be in perfect condition and everything in it’s right place when you are doing inventory.

So sure while I’m working I don’t have any issue with my mood but like I said that’s mostly because I don’t have much time to think on anything else but work. An just like tomorrow I’ll likely be there by myself until I don’t know probably around 1pm or so. Because if last early shift showed me anything it means that the department manager isn’t going to be there so it’s just going to be me there.

While that’s not something I mind.. I just wish that outside of work I could find the content that I have at work y’know? Maybe I’ve just not found my passion outside of work yet that I can stay focused on when I’m not working.

Anyway that’s enough from me.. if you’ve read this far thanks, if not I don’t really blame you.


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